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if you like harry potter & glee & music & originality & stories & such... than this blog is for you!

I take requests for Harry Potter, Glee, Bandfic, and Original stories.

i post all of my stories on mibba. Here is the link:

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So what does it mean?

That we can spend 4 hours at practice together.

You drive me home.

The minute I get inside, I have a text from you.

And we text for another 3 hours

before finally saying goodnight?

Especially when 4 days ago we had sex.

You’re the last person in the world I would imagine is looking for a relationship (and I just got out of a major one, so I’m not really looking either…)

So why does it seem like something is happening here?

john o

john o

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So remember that guy I told you about?

The guy who I couldn’t figure out?

The one who I had NO IDEA if he had feelings for me?

We hooked up last night.

So that happened.

What is being high like?


It’s much different than being drunk. It’s more psychological than physical.

It also lasts a lot longer.

When you’re drunk, you lose touch with your normal sense of consciousness. When you’re high, your normal conscious is still there, but its like this third conscious also comes in. It’s an outer body experience. You feel very much connected with your words and your brain, and not so much your actual physical presence.

Personally, it was an experience that I value giving a try, just so one day I can say yeah I’ve tried it. I was with good friends, and we were safe. I probably won’t ever do it again though.

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you're high right now?


Yup. First time ever.

I am Rachel Berry.

In so many ways.

I could sit and explain it all, but I don’t know. I just got high for the first time and I’m a little woozy.

And guys…

What if Ryan sees that everyone knows that Quinn ends up in a wheelchair and decides to change his mind just to fuck with us all and he KILLS HER.


By the way…

In all the chaos of Karofsky and Quinn…

Who the fuck fathered Sue’s baby?

I am so attracted to this.

I am so attracted to this.

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All my dash is Quartie and nothing hurts!


I need follow you all, reblog this if you ship Quartie :D

Are all my Quartie dreams about to come true <3 omg I hope so

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